Work, Rest and Play project (work in progress)

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Idea(s) in how to demonstrate the project

Just been thinking in how to get across the functionality of the projects interface, the best way for me would be to use both user interaction and animation footage, to explain what I mean by this, the project will be delivered using director, the problem I have had is the time it take to code the backend in the time frame I have.
In having the combination of functional and non-linear animation, the user can get a feel of using the interface without the need for complicated code, just area
detection and go the frame codes.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Its never too late to write a blog

The reason behind this Blog is kind of like a diary for my tutors to read, to demonstrate the thinking behind the Masters project I'm working on. The work has already started and is at a 70% completion, the deadline in for January 2005 and I am hoping to continue the work on a PhD course.

What i have been working on today, been working through the user's journey from opening the programme to creating their profile and up to the first interaction with the main interface, this will be confusing if you don’t know the background behind the project, in coming weeks will give more details and posting samples on my web site.

Last week i put things on hold has one my cousins died she was 39 years old and will be missed.

Ok thanks for reading this I hope you found this interesting,