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Monday, December 06, 2004

File structure

Good news a major problem I was facing I think I have solved, well in my head I have, I need to double check it.
ok let me unveil this problem before I forget it, that is if my operating system works with out folders, and relies on one pool of data that the user chooses to show by sliders and other values to find their files, the question or two I had that stopped me for a while and that is, what happens when you put a cd in the drive!!! And what happen if they contain folders from another operating system!!!
well here’s the clever bit, its based on the window and gmail model, the premise of a no folder structure, so if you are faced with a cd when accessing it will show all of the file with no folders, but each file will be tagged with the name of the folder it was contained in so even if all the files were the same but was separated by their inclusion within their individual folders, they would still be treated separated even though they are the same file only the name tag would separate them, this will be demonstrated with in the project.


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