Work, Rest and Play project (work in progress)

Sunday, January 30, 2005

This is the lastest version of my 'Work, rest and play' Desktop interface
more interfaces to come


  • At 7:25 pm, Blogger Lee said…

    The idea of an OS folder similar to what Google have with Gmail sounds interesting; I like the example, what code are you programming it in? C# ?

  • At 9:00 pm, Blogger leedad said…

    i've been working on this now for 2 years, well before Gmail come about, but it nice to see that i wasnt wasting my time with this concept.

  • At 11:59 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Yes, it's nice to see a variation on the FAT structure. I had a friend a while back that decided a good idea would be to treat the file system as a ball. A 3D tree structure that you could spin and dig in ad out of, following the connection lines or not as you wished.

    Good luck with it anyway. :-)


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